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poshcoffee : The coolest coffee connection

Simon Jones poshcoffee : The best posh coffee and tea So just what is Poshcoffee anyway?

My name is Simon Jones and Poshcoffee is a daydream of mine that may or may not ever come true. You see I've always wanted to own a really cool coffee house. You know the kind, like Starbucks without the corporate mass produced feel. Poshcoffee would have an 'edge' that would set it apart from other coffee houses. It would be a place full of books, couches, interesting people, good music, as well as good coffee, tea, and other offerings.

There would be different Poshcoffee events, like 'Mocha Monday', where all Mocha's were a buck after 6pm. Or 'Acoustic Tuesdays' where people are encouraged to come and bring along their instruments and just jam! I'd have summer night poetry gigs (even though I'm not into poetry!) and a garden or balcony for people to smoke pipes on special 'Pipe nights' where small tobacco companies can come and share (and I suppose sell) their tobacco with those who want to enjoy the experience of puffing on a pipe.

There would be house-wide ban on mobile phones aside from an English red telephone box in the corner. When someone wants to make or take a call on their mobile, this would be the only place that would be allowed to happen. People could shout out 'Get in the box!' when they heard a ring tone. 'Text messaging' would be okay, though regular customers and staff would heckle those with loud text message alerts by shouting in chorus "Text Message!" whenever an overly loud text message alert was heard. Poshcoffee would be a place with character for sure!

Poshcoffee logoThe downstairs would have a laid back lounge feel to it, with couches, beanbags and comfy chairs dotted around tables and bookshelves packed with books that could be borrowed, without charge, by our customers provided they return it or replace it with a book. Each book would have a unique number so that customers could log on to the poshcoffee website and write a review of the book if they so wished.

There would be free wifi net access through poshcoffee. People who wanted to use the internet would have to sign up to get online, but for their trouble they'd get a cool Poshcoffee web based email account they could use anywhere in the world, plus special offers giving them money off their favorite beverages and things. I'd have this whole marketing angle thing going on there.

Maybe if it all took off I'd open one of those real small Kiosk places near a main subway station calling it 'Poshcoffee Metro' and just sell the Poshcoffee range 'to go'!

As dreams go, I kind of like this one. I don't think the UK has a good enough Coffee House mentality so in reality the dream is based in America, probably Boston, Georgetown, Cambridge, or some place similar. Somewhere where it gets hot in the summer (enter the cold drink range) and chilly in the winter!

The name 'Poshcoffee' came out of late nights working at MELT with my friend Gareth Price. We'd work till dinner time then maybe go to the pub across the road for a quick drink or two after we had had something to eat. Then we would head back to the studio and continue working on whatever it was we were doing. We'd sit there working away listening to music ranging from the likes of Nick Drake to Coldplay and drinking different flavored coffee's that we eventually referred to as 'posh coffee'.

We started discussing the dream of the Poshcoffee coffee house, having fun making up all these cool things we'd do. Then one night after Gareth had left for home, I threw together the logo and came up with the tag line "Poshcoffee, the coolest coffee connection."

Who knows, maybe one day Poshcoffee will happen? If it does, you can have one on the house for the simple fact you were interested in knowing what Poshcoffee was all about.

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