A cafe that isn't

So what is PoshCoffee?

It's the cafe that isn't

PoshCoffee is a day-dream, a busy and laid back cafe where people meet and connect. A place where conversations spread like ivy across the gathered customers who sit at tables and on couches throughout the cafe. There are 'Mocha Mondays' where a Mocha is just $2, and 'Acoustic Tuesday' where customers bring their musical instruments to jam with others in the evening. There are poetry nights, book and podcast clubs, meetup events and all kinds. It's a place where people connect with one another over something more tangible than wifi.

I'm Simon Jones, and this cafe is one of my daydreams that first came to me back when I was sipping dollar Mochas at the old Java Cafe in Fresno, California! My love for cafe culture grew when I was a regular at the Atomic Cafe on Boston's Northshore, and deepened when I moved to Melbourne, Australia. Who knows, one day I might make it a reality. In the meantime though I use the domain so that myself and a few friends have a fun email address.

The domain poshcoffee.com is for sale, but only if you're especially generous. My friends and I are fond of our email addresses that haven't changed over the years, and who knows, maybe one day I might do something about making my daydream a reality. Until then you'll probably find me sipping a cappuccino in a great little cafe somewhere the world.

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